Tripla Construction Hoarding

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A construction site affects how the area around it looks for years. But it also gives us an opportunity to create some temporary art and leave a mark on the urban space. And so we created art on the construction hoarding of the construction site of the mall of Tripla and the Pasila station, to brighten up the daily route of thousands of people.


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Helsinki Urban Art is formed by a group of professionals in visual arts, community arts and urban activism. Involving the communities and respecting the special characteristics of the places is important to us: we want the art that we create to really work in its environment and to suit the needs of the locals. We have a lot of experience in producing large murals, different sized street art pieces as well as coordinating large participatory art projects and different urban events.

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Helsinki Urban Art brings art into the urban environment and into people’s lives. We create art that enlivens urban environments in Helsinki as well as in other cities in Finland and abroad. We introduce new ways of using urban space, create participatory urban culture and solve problems by means of art and activism. We collaborate with top local and international street artists.