Helsinki Urban Art is formed by a group of professionals in visual arts, community arts and urban activism. Together we are more, which is why we are constantly taking in new members who are interested in creating urban art and helping it move forward.

What does the membership mean?

Members of the organisation can influence its activities, are a part of its network and benefit from other possible member benefits. Members are kept informed about our activities through a newsletter and are invited to our events.

Members can suggest projects to the board of Helsinki Urban Art, which will choose the projects that will be carried out under the organisation’s name. The artists for projects managed under the name Helsinki Urban Art will be chosen by a group created for said project, or ultimately, by the board of the organisation. The members don’t automatically get priority in the artist selection process, and the artists of the projects don’t have to be members of Helsinki Urban Art.

The primary purpose of Helsinki Urban Art is not to promote its members’ own art projects. In other words, membership doesn’t automatically mean that the member will be executing their own work under the organisation’s name, but supporting the activities of the organisation and taking part in planning the activities. 

Helsinki Urban Art does not support artwork that promotes sexism or racism or is in any other way offensive or discriminating. 

How to become a member? 

Membership applications are approved all year round. The board handles new applications in their meetings. If you are interested in becoming a member, please send us a free formed application to The yearly membership fee in 2020 is 25€. 

In addition to actual members we also welcome support members who just want to support our activities. The support members also receive the newsletter and will be invited to our events. The yearly support member fee in 2020 is 50€.