Kalasatama district is still under construction, so we had the chance to paint the first murals of the area.

Address: Leonkatu 20 and Leonkatu 22.

In September 2017, we painted both sides of a large ramp that leads to courtyard in Kalasatama, in Leonkatu 22. Residents got their say in resident meetings, and the style and themes were selected on the basis of their wishes. Rising Finnish artists, Anetta Lukjanova and Taneli Stenberg, both painted one wall of the ramp. Formerly grey ramp now welcomes people home everyday with colours and familiarity.

We also began painting air-conditioning structures located in the next block (Leonkatu 20), where five grey towers take up a lot of space and impact the courtyard’s atmosphere.

Paintings designed by Sara Multanen comprise of five oceans. Art will cover all sides and tops of the air-conditioning structures, therefore they be admired both from the ground level as well as from the buildings’ top floors’ windows. These artworks will be ready in early summer 2018.