The assisted living building in the neighbourhood of Kannelmäki received a mural in June 2017 by the Argentinian street artist Milu Correch. The piece was partly inspired by the residents of the house, and it shows four of the residents in the middle of a card game.

Milu Correch often spends her summers working in different parts of Europe, and arrived in Helsinki in the beginning of June as part of a longer painting tour. The residents of the assisted living building acted as models for the mural, which depicts a group of people playing a card game. Correch, who started her career from portraits, says painting people is for her a natural way to tell stories.

Milu Correch is known for her painting-like and impressive murals which, in addition to her home country Argentina, she has painted in Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden. From Helsinki she continued her journey to Bulgaria and Italy.

The mural was made as part of the More Street Art In Your Hoods -contest, organised by the More Street Art In Helsinki -project, where people got to suggest places in the city for street art. The wall of the assisted living building was one of the three winners of the contest. More Street Art In Helsinki was funded by the Uusimaa Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation and it was the spearhead project of the year 2016.

The More Street Art in Helsinki was a project that preceeded the founding of Helsinki Urban Art and worked to bring more street art in Helsinki in the years 2015 – 2016. Read more about the project here.

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