Nikita Khodak

Weakly Linked Data 

7 August – 14 September 2019 

The technological revolution hasn’t just changed the course of history but it has been increasingly impacting all aspects of our daily lives. It has affected the way we construct our societies, modified the way we learn, shop and interact with one and other. New technological inventions have been continuously re-shaping our choices and values. So how far is the human race willing to go before it also completely changes the fundamental question of our existence, what does it mean to be a human?

What does it mean to be a human and most importantly what will our lives look like at the point of total digitalization is the essential question of the future exhibition at the Pasila Urban Art Center, commencing on the 7th of August, 2019. Weakly Linked Data is comprised of a series of screen-printed posters in which the artist reflects on his own anxiety about the future digitalization of humankind. “There are concepts of harmony and balance”, Khodak says, “but without precautions, they can lead us down the wrong path. Very few people think of the consequences of their actions and total digitalization can make us excessively dependent and helpless.” 

In his work, Khodak identifies the human weaknesses and technological defects that he considers as foremost dangerous for humankind and that he sees as a potential catalyst for the technological apocalypse, such as thirst for superficial glories, consumerism or intelligent data collection. According to the artist, people are slowly but without a question losing control over technology and the only way to stop it is for people to establish clear guidelines on how to implement and use technology, or else citizens will lose their rights to their identity and their life. “I am afraid of nonsense and human defects,” the artist admits, “but I want to believe that the technological revolution will not destroy our civilization. Instead”, Khodak continues, “I want to give the viewer the chance to see things from another perspective, from outside of the socially constructed bubble.”

Nikita Khodak is a conceptual street artist from Moscow, member of the art group Zuk Club and Artist Trade Union of Russia since 2016. The main theme of Khodak’s work is a reflection on the dark side of technological progress. In his pieces, the artist attempts to warn the audience about the potential risks which come hand-in-hand with technological revolution. During his artistic career, Khodak exhibited his work at the number of street art festivals in Russia and the CIS from which the most known are for example “Mural Fest” (Kazakstan), “VK Fest” (St. Petersburg) or “Moscow Urban Art Fair. 

Visitor Information

One of its kind, the Helsinki Urban Art center is conveniently located in the Eastern part of Pasila just a stone’s throw from the center of Helsinki. It is easily accessible by fast-speed trains from Rautatientori (only 4min journey from the central railway station) as well as local buses and trams. 

Pasila Urban Art Center is open every Thursday-Friday from 12-6 pm, Saturday 1-4 pm and on special days featuring events, exhibition openings and workshops. For further information about special days please visit the following website or contact the gallery space directly at

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