Discover the gems of Helsinki street art in Pasila neighbourhood.

Pasila is a concrete neighbourhood in Helsinki just 5 minutes by train from the main railway station. It gained its reputation as a graffiti and street art venue already 30 years ago, and now it is enjoying a revival after a long period of “zero tolerance” a policy that forbade any street art activity in Helsinki.

During the last few years a number of artists from Finland and abroad started to turn this part of Helsinki into a big street art gallery. Pasila Street Art District is a unique place in Finland when it comes to amount, variety and level of street art. It features works of internationally renowned artists from all over the world.

During the 2,5 hour tour you’ll see a lot of street art varying from graffiti to stencils, big murals, ceramic art and installations. We’ll tell stories behind the art pieces, explain how they were made and what kind of techniques are used in street art. You’ll also hear more about the area, history of street art and graffiti as well as other interesting details of Helsinki no other tour guides will tell you.

The tours start at Rauhanasema, an old wooden building next to the temporary Pasila railway station and city bike station. In Pasila cars and pedestrians are divided to different levels, which makes it easy to walk and also suitable for children. Depending on the weather, remember to take with you drinking water, an umbrella or warm clothes.

Tours are held in English, but we do on request private tours also in Finnish, German and Russian (for private tours, please contact us). At the moment we don’t do any open tours, but private tours are made on request also during the winter time.