In addition to all the street art around Itä-Pasila district, we now bring art also indoors in Pasila Urban Art Center, which hosts a different kind of exhibitions, workshops and events.

In our center we have for example changing exhibitions, books about street art, workshops, movie nights (if you have an idea about an event or activity, don’t hesitate to tell us!). Pasila Urban Art Center (in Finnish Pasilan kaupunkitaidekeskus) also has a workshop room for graffiti and street art workshops. Art also spreads to the areas around Pasila, which has turned into a real street art district.

Pasila Urban Art hosts also different kind of exhibitions dedicated to urban art. The exhibitions change approximately every 6 weeks. The exhibitions are open during the opening hours of Pasila Urban Art Center (Thu & Fri 12 – 18, Sat 13 – 16).

Pasila City Art Center is located at Kasöörinkatu 3 lh 4. Access is from the courtyard of the house.

Pasila Urban Art Center is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation.




5.12.2019 – 18.1.2020

MION is a graffiti artist who started graffiti painting in the early 90s. His paintings made on canvas include views to an imaginary world, from where his visions consisting of organic shapes and materials well.

In MION’s paintings, the original graphic shape of the letters has lost their meaning over time, but the viewer can detect features and references to the language of the letters.

MION’s art is inspired by the experience of nature and everything living, which often leads to lengthy contemplations during the painting process. Colors and shapes begin to live their own lives on the surface, creating symbiosis with it and blurring the boundaries of reality.

The works of the Point of view exhibition are made between 2012 and 2019. As a whole, they present the evolution and branches of the artist’s style and idiom.

Exhibition opening on Wednesday, December 4, at 6pm. The exhibition is open Thu-Fri 12pm – 6pm and Sat 1 to 4 pm.



Sergei Stroitelev: The Color of Violence November 6 — 30

The Color of Violence is a project by the photographer Sergei Stroitelev that tells the story of migrants and refugees who have been attacked out of racial hatred – from being ‘accidentally’ shoved on public transport to serious injury and even murder.

Investigating the subject of xenophobia and telling the stories of victims of violence, the artist brings the audience into the space of ‘moral crossroads,’ putting before them the question of the cause and effect of such phenomena.

Sergei Stroitelev works with the world’s leading publications and charity organizations. He is the laureate of international and Russian contests, among them the Istanbul Photo Awards 2018 (Daily Life category) and the Debuts 2018 Photocontest.

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Otto Maja: Bad Person 20.9. – 2.11.2019.


Helsinki Photo Festival & Nikita Khodak 8 August – 14 September, 2019

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Diego Salvida, Brazil
Everyone has a Plan until they get Punched in the Mouth

Niina Vehmaa, Finland

Nikita Khodak, Russia
Weakly Linked Data

In the second exhibition of Pasilan kaupunkitaidekeskus (Pasila Urban Art Center) we present urban photography of Diego Salvida and Niina Vehmaa as part of Helsinki Photo Festival. In addition to that, we also show a collection of screen prints of Russian artist Nikita Khodak, who also paints two murals in Pasila before the exhibition.
Opening reception on Wednesday, 7 August at 7–9 pm.
Artist talk about the future of street art by Nikita Khodak at 6 pm before the opening reception.

Facebook event of the exhibition


Jukka Peltosaari 14 June – 3 August, 2019