Helsinki Urban Art is formed by a group of professionals in visual arts, community arts and urban activism. Involving the communities and respecting the special characteristics of the places is important to us: we want the art that we create to really work in its environment and to suit the needs of the locals. We have a lot of experience in producing large murals, different sized street art pieces as well as coordinating large participatory art projects and different urban events.

Jaakko Blomberg // +358 44 5478354

Jaakko is specialized in new urban culture in many forms and he in addition to HUA he is one of the founders of Yhteismaa NGO, More Street Art in Helsinki project, Vegan grill kiosk Jänö, Konepaja movement, Cleaning Day, Helsinki Sauna Day and many other urban events and projects. He is fascinated by changing of spaces and ways people think - and for that urban art fits better than well. For his work for Helsinki Jaakko has been awarded in 2016 with the title Citizen of the Year and Helsinki Travel Award.

Maikki Rantala // +358 40 5267671

Helsinki based mural artist Maikki Rantala has specialised herself in big scale mural projects and participatory design and street art workshops. Maikki thinks of herself as an urban activist whose favourite tool of choice is paint. Colourful environment just makes people feel better! She has been liberating construction fences and urban space for art use since 2010 as a member of Multicoloured Dreams. Maikki's passion for urban art has not remained within the borders of Helsinki. She is also part of Street Art Vantaa crew and one of the founders of G-REX street art collective and More Street Art to Helsinki -project. On her free time she loves to take a kayak trip straight to wilderness of Helsinki archipelago.


Sara Multanen // +358 45 6306640

Sara is a Helsinki based interior architect with years of experience in making urban art both independently and in groups such as Multicoloured Dreams and G-Rex. Art. Sara's passion is in making public spaces truly public and welcoming to all by enhancing their inclusive atmosphere through urban art. In mural projects she pays special attention to a design process that's respectful to the overall environment and neighbourhood vibe. On her free time Sara can be found at the seashores of Helsinki, picking mushrooms in nearby forests, visiting flea markets or staying home with a good book.