Since the 1980s Pasila has been one of the most important places for the graffiti and street art scene in Helsinki. Now, Tripla Urban Art Wall, which is inside Original Sokos Hotel Tripla, is also showing the imprint of Finnish street artists.

The wall, curated by Helsinki Urban Art, presents art by several local artists, who have their roots in street art or graffiti. Many of the artists have also made art on the streets of East Pasila, as well as in Pasila Urban Art Center at Kasöörinkatu 3.

The three-monthly exhibition presents a variety of artists, trends and styles. The exhibitions feature both original works and prints, and all works are on sale. If you are interested in purchasing art, please contact the hotel lobby or directly us for more information.

Pasila Street Art District also has guided public and private tours departing from Original Sokos Hotel Tripla. Check out the Facebook event.



Poppamaija, Terhi Ekebom, Pia Iiramo


Poppamaija (Inna Pulkkinen) is an artist and graphic design student from Saimaa. She has been painting her characters throught Europe and Asia since 2009 and she has been working on street arts for the past few years. She is also an active member of the Mimmit peinttaa collective. Fictional characters are repeated in the works with strong lines and bright colors. Her works have been exhibited at Lux Helsinki, Sideways Festivals, Weekend Festivals, and Flow Festivals. Poppamaija is also the winner of the 2019 Hämeenlinna Street art competition.

Terhi Ekebom

Terhi Ekebom is a Helsinki-based artist, graphic designer and illustrator. She graduated from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki (Aalto University) in 2000 and from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 2002 after studying visual arts and graphic design. Terhi is a line illustration artist, whose laborious and rich style is loved by editorial clients as well as clients in the advertising field. She works with different techniques and is also happy to work with wall paintings and comics – which she has published several pieces of. The Finnish Comics Society awarded Terhi with the Puupäähattu comic award in 2014. Terhi has been involved in numerous exhibitions around the world, for example in Milan, Brussels, St. Petersburg, New York and Chicago.

Pia Iiramo

Pia Iiramo is Helsinki based finnish artist (born 1987). Her personal style is humoristic and strongly connected to street arts. Last year Iiramo won Suvilahti Graffiti wall opening competition with her team and was part of Querelle- festival artist group. Key features in Iiramos art are strong bright colors and individual characters.



Antti Männynväli, Otto Maja & Plan B