This community art project was designed to bring colour to the growing neighbourhood of Kalasatama. Helsinki Urban Art, together with the residents of Kalasatama created a vivid shoal of fish, that now swims on the fences and walls of Kalasatama.

Kalasatama shoal of fish is a community art project, that consists of several artistically painted fish independently created by the residents of Kalasatama area. Every fish in the shoal is an individual, but they still have something in common with the other fish – in a shoal, even the tiniest fish becomes an important part of the artwork, wherever the shoal goes.

The fish were made onto ready shaped and pre-painted plywood, that the participants got the change to paint in the spring of 2020 with spray paints provided by Helsinki Urban Art association. When enough fish had been collected, the shoal was assembled after which it started it’s adventure around the Kalasatama area.

Kalasatama shoal of fish will continue its life in the Kalasatama area for as long as the artworks stay in good condition.