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Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki (Free City of Kalasatama) was established in Suvilahti in the summer of 2018. The area served as an urban oasis that welcomed every citizen to spend time together and to take part in events and activities. Nowadays Vapaakaupunki is located in REDI, where it has its own livingroom – Olohuone.

The Free City of Kalasatama was founded to create a space for culture, art, collaboration and self-reliance. From the very beginning, the Free City has embraced openness: the space is open to everybody and anyone is welcome to organize events there free of charge. In Suvilahti, Free City provided a setting for gigs, workshops as well as barbecue and easy going summer days. The concept gained huge popularity, and it was decided that The Free City of Kalasatama would continue its operations after the summer.

In October 2018, The Living-room of the Free City of Kalasatama opened in the shopping center REDI, with nearly 600 square meters of space. The Living-room follows the Free City philosophy: the space is open and free of charge to everybody and anyone can organize events and activities such as yoga, gigs, workshops and art exhibitions. The Living-room is a versatile space that is suited for example for working, meeting people, playing games or reading. In addition to the Living-room, the Free City of Kalasatama has a separate area for children in REDI: Lastenhuone (Children’s room). It’s a space where the little ones are free to play and spend time.

Everyone is welcomed to the Living-room of Kalasatama. More information about the Living-room can be found from

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