Karantie 2, 02940 Espoo

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Kera-kollektiivi consists of urban culture, creating together and the desire to experiment. Kera-kollektiivi operates in and around Keran Hallit in Espoo.

Since spring 2020, Kera-kollektiivi has been actively involved in creating a new hub of urban culture into Keran Hallit, a former logistics centre of Inex, located in Espoo. Keran Hallit consists of multiple operators among which Kera-kollektiivi represents art, events and music. Kera-kollektiivi has brought urban farming and second hand markets to the area, too.

Kera-kollektiivi has a massive amount of space at its disposal in the Keran Hallit surroundings. Activities and events can be arranged both indoors and outdoors, meaning that the available area is more than enough. In summer 2020, murals have been painted on the giant walls in the courtyard to bring colour to the industrial area, so there is plenty of art to see.

Kera-kollektiivi is transforming the old logistics centre into a well-known lively spot that is filled with creative activities.

The collective is made possible by City of Espoo Event and Cultural Services. Other partners are SOK, who owns the buildings, and many other instances. We are open to any cooperation, so if you have any ideas, please get in touch! 

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Taneli Stenberg, photo Arina Hiltunen-22