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Pasilan kaupunkitaidekeskus
April 27th – June 11th, 2022 
Vernissage April 27th 6 PM – 8 PM  

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The third exhibition of Pasila Urban Art Center exhibits works by Markus Mäkinen, Mari Metsämäki and Sauli Suomela. All the artists combine bright colours and a wide array of materials, such as glass, electrical wire and epoxy resin. 

The vernissage for the exhibition takes place on Wednesday 27th from 6 PM until 8 PM. Refreshments and small snacks will be available. At the same time, you can also check out the artists’ workrooms also located at Opastinsilta 6 between 5 PM and 7 PM.

After the opening day, you can come and check out the exhibition during Pasila Urban Art Center’s opening hours:
WED 12 PM – 8 PM
TO 12 PM – 6 PM
PE 12 PM – 6 PM
LA 1 PM – 6 PM  

Be sure to check out our paint and art shop during your visit!

Facebook: Markus Mäkinen – Studio Glass

I am a glass artist and a trained glass artisan. My studio and gallery are both located in the so-called glass town of Urjala, Nuutajärvi. Glass entices me due to the material’s diversity and nearly infinite possibilities, which encourage me to try out new things and wander off the beaten track. I use bright coulours and shapes in my works. I enjoy combining different surfaces and in the end, the artwork might not look like glass at all, although it is! 

I get inspiration for my works from everywhere, but especially the interplay between humans and nature. It is especially inspiring to wonder how humans have risen to be the strongest and smartest species on earth, yet we destroy our only and unique environment as we speak. 

Material comes in my works first and I like to study where this amorphic material takes me. The works in this exhibition have been created by melting different coloured glass pieces together in over 800 celsius degrees. The works go through several working steps, after which the piece is nearly eternal.

Instagram: @marimetsamaki

I have been creating art as if I was possessed since I was 15 years old. Now, I am 50 years old. Somehow I have just kept on going. In my work, I follow my own whims and caprices, and thus, I have ended up creating all sorts of peculiar stuff. 

I am Turku-based, left-handed, a twin, without a driver’s licence, a lone dweller, broke, a little bit deaf, a little bit disabled. Some things I have had to let go in order to maintain my artistic freedom. 

In this exhibition, I will display my new “electrical works”, a.k.a sculptures and jewelry made out of electrical wire. Beautiful, light, and durable. Electrical wires and other electrical equipment work very well in handicrafts. They are a little bit like children’s building toys – just be sure to keep them out of electrical sockets.

Instagram:  @suomelas

I am a Helsinki-based designer and artist. I get my inspiration from stuctures, aesthetics of materials and strong colorscapes. In Urban Art Center I will exhibit my Urban Landscapes series, which are abstract urban sceneries, phenomena and emotional states of mind. The works are made by casting epoxy resin on different surcfaces, such as plywood, aluminium, acrylic and mirrors. All of the works feature a strong, contrasted and even a sweet colorscape that reflects the sceneries and phenomena of urban environments. 

Layering epoxy resin creates an intriguing interplay of light and shadow in my works. Different-coloured layers create a glass-like surface, in which color blend together creating a strong layered aesthetic and a lively colorscape, both of which are very hard to achieve in any other medium. The layers in different casts cumulate differences in levels and intensity of colour, which in turn, combined with different base materials,  create an another level in the whole aesthetic of the piece.

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