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Kasöörinkatu 3 lh 4,

00520 Helsinki

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Pasila Urban Art Center, opened in June 2019, is a place dedicated to urban art. At the center you can check out urban art exhibitions that change approximately every 6 weeks. The exhibitions can be viewed  Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 13pm to 4pm, and during events. At the centre, you can also explore urban art themed literature

At Pasila Urban Art Center, you can also participate in art workshops. We arrange both public and private graffiti and street art workshops, where participants get to paint straight on walls. We also arrange for example movie nights and anything you can think of. (If you have an idea about an event of activity, don’t hesitate to contact us!)

The events and exhibitions are not limited to inside spaces as the center organizes art projects that spread outside into the public urban space and other areas in the Pasila area. During the last few years East-Pasila has become a real street art district.

Pasila Urban Art Center is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation and Kuluttajaosuustoiminnan säätiö.




HRC is an Espoo based graffiti group started in 1990. Since its starting days, HRC have had an impactful presence in the streets of Espoo. The group is still active, although the line of action of the group have somewhat changed during this time.

The exhibition is dedicated to the art and photographs of HRC since 1990 to this day.

In connection with the exhibition, an extended English version of HRC book from 2016 is published. The new edition has doubled the number of pictures and extended the pages from 100 to 176. The book contains also new interviews and a whole new chapter dedicated to the history of Espoo’s graffiti. Book is published by Voima Kustannus /Rosebud.

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