• Pasila UAC opening - Jaakko Blomberg2-2


Opastinsilta 6

00520 Helsinki

Opening hours

THU – FRI 12 – 18

SAT 13 – 16

Current exhibition

Opening group exhibition Sep 22nd – Nov 27th

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Pasila Urban Art Center, opened in June 2019, is a place dedicated to urban art. At the center you can check out urban art exhibitions that change approximately every 6 weeks. The exhibitions can be viewed  Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 13pm to 4pm, and during events. At the centre, you can also explore urban art themed literature

The events and exhibitions are not limited to inside spaces as the center organizes art projects that spread outside into the public urban space and other areas in the Pasila area. During the last few years East-Pasila has become a real street art district.

Pasila Urban Art Center is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation and Kuluttajaosuustoiminnan säätiö.



Opening group exhibition Sep 22nd – Nov 27th
Pasila Urban Art Center, which was closed due to moving, re-opens its doors on September 22nd at 6 PM at Opastinsilta 6, only a short walk away from its previous location. 
The first exhibition will be a group exhibition of Finnish urban artists:
Boing is on record for saying it will turn the city into a gallery by hanging art around it. Boing is well known for not giving much thought for where the art is being hung. At least for now the art will be hanged in Pasila Street Art Center.
Graffitiprofessors is an original, structure-breaking, unprejudiced, playful, and dynamic duo that boldly combines and utilizes different techniques. Kap and Help have been painting since -96. Kap was also one of the artists of Mäntän kuvataideviikot this year.
Hilkka Helmi is a multi-talented artist whose colorful mixed media pieces reflect her equally colorful sense of humor. Her editorialized pop-art pieces have already been admired in roughly 20 exhibits.
Jukka Hakanen is a designer from Turku who is best known for his large murals. Hakanen graduated with a Master of Arts in 2015 and is currently working as a visual artist and illustrator. Hakanen became interested in street art at the turn of the 21st century. After that he has found himself in multiple street art events and projects in Finland and abroad.
Jukka Peltosaari is visual artist who works in Helsinki. His work shows influences on comics, graffiti, and street art. His style is colorful and graphical and varies from reduced to rich. Peltosaari deals with humans inner and external world and the interaction of these two.
Kuosittaja makes art from print media to paintings with a diverse style. Kuosittaja loves juicy colors, but also finds inspiration from nature and its muted colors and from her beloved hobby: skating in urban environments, which brings roughness to her work. Ecological values are essential for Kuosittaja, and she aims to use recycled materials in her projects whenever possible.
Pallo is an experienced graffiti artist. Pallo’s works are full of action, movement, and gaudy colors as well as strong lines. Artworks are a combination of realistic, humorous, and imaginary features.
As its name suggests, Plan B creates alternate versions of things we know, whether it’s birdcage, memorial plates, traffic signs or well-known works of art. Works often contain social critique in a humorous way, and street art also gets a share of it.
Swagaroni is known for its macaronis which can be spotted in various colors from both the streets and art exhibitions. At the opening exhibition swagaroni can also be found in the form of a rug. In rugs, the urban and illegal side of graffiti is combined with the homeliness, warmth, and tradition of the textile.

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