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Current exhibition

Anetta Lukjanova: Intuition bias

19.4. – 27.5.

Anetta Lukjanova: Intuition bias

19.4. – 27.5.2023

Anetta Lukjanova’s exhibition is open until 27th of May during the Pasila Urban Art Center’s opening hours:

WED 12 PM – 8 PM 
THU 12 PM – 6 PM 
FRI 12 PM – 6 PM 
SAT 1 PM – 5 PM 

Anetta Lukjanova’s solo exhibition Intuition bias revolves around cultural identity and the conflicting themes related to it. The exhibition, consisting of new paintings, poses current questions about the rootlessness of both people and concepts. The exhibition depicts a time defined by categorization and individualism; a time marked by enormous human crises. The themes mentioned are examined especially in the context of painting, both historically and through medium. Lukjanova’s paintings consciously draw on the history of painting, but also comment on it. The consequences of intuitive action in chaotic situations end up being the subject of special scrutiny in the exhibition. Classical subjects of art history, such as the subjugation of people, the oppressive structures maintained by the state, and the comparison between the idealized past and the present will also be critically described and discussed. References to art history in Lukjanova’s works are accompanied by notions about the present.

While the concept of truth becomes polarized, social media may offer the only avenue for free expression in Russia, for example. Between the contradictions, creativity is dismantled in the works by painting: the highlighted painted image calls into question, along with the representation, whether the painting is detached from the world. Writer Mihail Šiškin has written about how the concepts of Western culture do not take root or work at all in Russia; he has also criticized the West for this. Intuition bias does not focus on directly criticizing the subjects it presents, but rather aims to function as an area where questions can be asked. In the end, one question takes center stage: what is the relationship between truth and painting?

Anetta Lukjanova (b. 1993) is a visual artist from Helsinki. Her style is contemporary figurative realism. She often mixes elements of digital painting with realism rendered in the manner of classical oil painting. The juxtaposition of quick and slow mediums is also present in the thematics of her work. She works mainly through mediums of mural and oil painting. Lukanova studies painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, and has previously graduated from the Academy of Art, Barcelona.

Text: Eero Karjalainen




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