The old railway station of Pasila in Helsinki was the center of many changes during its final year. In May 2017, just before the station was demolished, the station experienced its one last change when Spanish street artist Sabek painted a large mural on the southside roof of the station. The painting of the piece started in the end of May 2017 and continued for about a week. The finished work could be viewed for a few weeks in June before the station was demolished.


Sabek is an internationally known street artist who started his career by painting on the walls of the working class neighbourhood of Valleca in Madrid, and soon developed his own distinctive style. Since then, Sabek has painted around the world, in countries such as the United States, New Zealand as well as several countries in Europe and Asia.

The artist, Sabek, is known for his bold use of color and the dark characters and animals that he often features in his pieces. He included these elements in this mural as well, adapting them to the local colour scheme.

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