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Besides art, we specialize in placemaking, which is a diverse approach to designing and managing spaces.

Placemaking utilizes the resources, networks and ideas of local communities in order to better create spaces where people feel at home. Instead of designing the space on a designers desk, we do it locally together with people.

Placemaking differs from a traditional design process also in terms of continuity: it includes experiments and short term projects, but also continuous learning and evolving. Placemaking consists of listening, being present, understanding and collaboration. This way, the places become more functional, cosy and safe – and people can feel like they belong.

The people behind Helsinki Urban Art association have years of experience in different space-related projects. We have been a part of creating places in the form of such events as Cleaning day, Dinner under the sky, Helsinki Sauna Day, Kallio Block Party and multiple urban festivals as well as in the form of art projects and combinations of events and art projects.

One of these places, located in REDI, and before that in Suvilahti, is the Free City of Kalasatama, through which we have created communal urban culture in both indoors and outdoors. Vapaakaupungin Olohuone (the Livingroom of the Free City) and Lastenhuone (the Nursery) prove, that communal activity can become a functional part of a shopping center.

Under the name Kera-kollektiivi, we have brought culture, art and events to Espoo, to Keran Hallit, a former logistics center of Inex Partners corporation. The center has been utilized for temporary use, which has given it a new life once more, before it is demolished to make way for a new suburb. This place, dubbed “the Little-Berlin” by the media, has become a hub for mural-art and a unique place to arrange events.

Besides our own projects, we have taken part in numerous other projects in the role of a consultant, a designer or an expert. We help cities, companies and other actors to get more out of their spaces and to ensure that their spaces are unique experiences, where people want to return over and over again.

Do you have a place in mind, that you would like to perfect in cooperation with us? Contact us, and let’s discuss more!