A construction site can effect the visual appearance of an area for years, but it can also provide an opportunity to create some temporary art and leave an imprint on the urban space. And so, we created art on the construction hoardings of the construction site surrounding the mall of Tripla and the Pasila station to brighten up the daily route of thousands of people.

In collaboration with the construction company YIT, we were able to introduce street art to the construction hoarding of the mall of Tripla several times during the construction process. In the beginning of June 2017, four street art pieces were painted on the hoarding, by Teo Tuominen, Igor Multi, Jesse Pasanen and Ines Sederholm from the street art group G-REX. The pieces were made as a part of the closing event of the station in a ten hour painting event, which attracted lot of people to the station to see the creative process and the finished work. More about G-REX artists here.

On the second day of the event, everyone were welcome to take part in a collaborative painting workshop, during which street artists and workshop instructors offered guidance to painters of all ages. Over a hundred painters participated in the painting process during the four-hour workshop – some stayed for just a while and some painted the whole day.

The workshop at the closing event was already the second time, that we had painted the construction hoardings of the area. The hoardings were first painted in September 2016, when we organised a similar open workshop as a part of the Tripla day.

The four street art pieces made by professionals and the fences painted in the two workshops are all transportable and will decorate the area of the mall of Tripla and the Pasila station throughout the building process.


Tripla construction hoardings