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Original Sokos Hotel Tripla 

Fredikanterassi 1B

00520 Helsinki

Opening hours

Every day from 7am to 23pm

Current exhibition

SHEIKKI: High on Culture

October 4th, 2023 – January 11th, 2024 

Since the 1980s Pasila has been one of the most important places for the graffiti and street art scene in Helsinki. Now, Tripla Urban Art Wall, which is located at the lobby of Original Sokos Hotel Tripla, is also helping Finnish street artists to show off their skills.

The wall, curated by Helsinki Urban Art, exhibits art by several local artists, who have their roots in street art or graffiti. Many of the artists have also made art on the streets of East Pasila, as well as displayed art in Pasila Urban Art Center at Kasöörinkatu 3.

The three-monthly exhibition presents a variety of artists, trends and styles. All works in the exhibition are on sale. If you are interested in purchasing art, please contact the hotel lobby or Helsinki Urban Art association for more information.

Helsinki Urban Art also arranges guided public and private street art tours departing from Original Sokos Hotel Tripla.


SHEIKKI: High on Culture

October 4th, 2023 – January 11th, 2024


Sheikki is Jarkko Pajari, an artist from Espoo, who is known especially for the High on Life art project made in 2020, where a demolished apartment building owned by the city of Kerava was turned into an art exhibition.

“The High on Culture exhibition is a glimpse of where I got my biggest influences from, how I feel about myself and how I want the world to appear to me. I am mostly a product of popular culture.”

“I already had a passion for woodworking and drawing at a young age. My grandfather had his own workshop in an old barn building, where I could watch him working. In his footsteps, I trained myself as a wood craftsman. Traditional woodwork didn’t appeal to me, and I leaned more towards envisioning something more artistic. At school, I always liked photography and technical sloyd classes. Nothing else was that interesting. I remember when my father was a substitute teacher in our kindergarten, and he drew pictures according to our wishes. I also remember my uncle’s drawings of the old-style North American cars. All of this is a basis for the direction in which my own interests have leaned. I have always been a bit rebellious; I’m used to doing things in my own style. I lose my temper easily if things don’t go the way I hoped.”

“Skateboarding immediately made a big impression on me and opened my eyes to the fact that hobbies can be free form. The whole skateboarding culture has played a big role in what kind of person I have been shaped. I don’t really get as much pleasure from anything anymore than seeing my own handprint. I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster, sometimes I fail and it feels like everything is falling over but success feels even better then. I am on an endless journey to learn and try new things. I hope to leave my mark.”