Communality and inclusivity are an important part of our operation. We organize different art-themed workshops and create communal artworks in and around Pasila Urban Art Center and elsewhere in Finland.

In our workshops, both children and adults can try different painting techniques with the guidance of our instructors. We offer the participants the needed paints and utensils, respirators, and protective gear. No previous skills or preparations are needed, since our instructors will take good care of all participants regardless of the age or skill level.

Our workshops work great in different places and events. In our Stencil workshops, the participants have gotten the chance to paint construction fences and grey concrete walls using stencils and spray paint. In graffiti workshops, the participants can paint their first letter or piece by themselves or together with other participants. In fabric workshops, canvas bags, t-shirts and other fabrics will get a fresh look with colourful prints.

We are continuously developing new workshop solutions according to the needs and places. People can participate in the workshops by briefly attending a workshop or by taking part in a workshop lasting several days, during which an ambitious mural is created.

We can organize workshops in Pasila as well as in a place chosen by the client. If you are interested in our workshops, let us know and we’ll see what we can come up with together!