• TriplaWall


Tripla Sokos Hotel

00520 Helsinki

Opening hours

Every day from 7am to 23pm

Current exhibition

Jukka Hakanen

2.10.2020 – 6.1.2021

Since the 1980s Pasila has been one of the most important places for the graffiti and street art scene in Helsinki. Now, Tripla Urban Art Wall, which is located at the lobby of Original Sokos Hotel Tripla, is also helping Finnish street artists to show off their skills.

The wall, curated by Helsinki Urban Art, exhibits art by several local artists, who have their roots in street art or graffiti. Many of the artists have also made art on the streets of East Pasila, as well as displayed art in Pasila Urban Art Center at Kasöörinkatu 3.

The three-monthly exhibition presents a variety of artists, trends and styles. The exhibitions feature both original works and prints, and all works are on sale. If you are interested in purchasing art, please contact the hotel lobby or Helsinki Urban Art association for more information.

Helsinki Urban Art also arranges guided public and private street art tours departing from Original Sokos Hotel Tripla.



Minttu Pyykkönen 15.1.-8.4.2021

Minttu Pyykkönen is a Helsinki based visual artist, who also works within the field of culture and art education. Minttu works with drawing and painting, yet during the recent years she has been mostly focusing on mural painting and street art – as an independent artist yet also working in collaboration projects. Her murals can be found for example in Espoo, Kajaani, Vantaa, Tartu and Brazil. Dreamlike and recognizable artworks often portray people and presence, mysticism and nature.

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